International Medical Key Services ( Health examination / Cosmetology)
Health Check-up

Center Country  Hospital provides thorough physical examinations based on “prevention,” “health maintenance,” and “health promotion.” Each examination is performed with professionalism and devotion. We are determined that each examination process fulfills the following five key values: professional diligence, careful examination, enthusiastic service, reassuring quality, and ensures patients feel safe.

Our team provides detailed examination reports, accurate medical information and consultation, and follow-up visits to monitor patients’ health conditions. This year, the approval of tourist and medical visas for people from mainland china has facilitated the promotion of international medical services.

Our hospital is Located in the city center, has convenient transportation, and medical complete equipment in the exclusive health examination center, we provide elegant and comfortable seating space, professional physicians detailed consultation examination and diagnostic interpretation, according to personal health needs.

Service features:
Warm and comfortable examination environment
Professional medical consultation team
Provides comprehensive examination items and various types of health check packages, including premium physical examinations, specific physical examinations, and immigration physical examinations.


Doctor profile
Tam Jian-Min Shen Guo-Liang Chien Ching-Shien Tsai Huei-Ying
Huang Xue-Lian Huang Xin-Ci Ouyang Chen-Chen  


Examination Items And Packages

Examination Items Per Package
Half Day Physical Examination
Liver Care Package
Gladness  Package
Cancer Prevention Package
Whole Day Physical Examination
Heart Care  Package
Lungs Care  Package

Reference price

Half Day / Package Liver Care Package NT$ 10,000
Gladness  Package NT$ 12,000
Cancer Prevention Package NT$ 16,000
Whole Day / Package Heart Care Package NT$ 18,000
Lungs Care Package NT$ 20,000

Health center environment and facilities

Check-in counter at the reception

The Lobby Lounge

IMG_0121 IMG_1814
Health center corridor

Blood tests counters

IMG_0121 IMG_0123
The second seating area health check

Hospital medical center dedicated

IMG_1810 IMG_0130