Operation room

Aim: operation room service of "rounded" as the center, enthusiastic, loving, spiritual motives, rationale use of medical science to mature and professional skills, extensive surgery patients in service, and always improve medical surgical care quality, and create a safe surgical environment to meet the patient before surgery, during and after the whole term basic needs for physical and mental health of the patient recycling excellent tea。

perative development subjects:
operation room since 1964, and so far the development of general surgery, thoracic surgery, pediatric surgery, maternity surgery, urology, ENT, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, the surgery by the major medical center physician personally patient, put aside traditional surgery, the use of high-tech equipment auxiliary to the exquisite minimally invasive surgery, patients were reached therapy reduce surgical minimum of damage. Fully cooperate with each other through their respective departments, self-demanding, team co-ordinated co-operation will be limited Cuntucunjin make the most efficient use of space and to play a good team spirit and understanding, provide patients with quality health care environment. Implementation of all the medical safety processes, can reach a zero risk of medical services. All my colleagues in the operating room nursing, teaching and research environment, concerted efforts to cultivate outstanding professionals, and provide the public with a more intimate, high-quality service。

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Shih Feng-Chu Chu Chin-Chun Chin Hung-Yen