A Brief History of Country Hospital

Country Hospital was established in 1965. It was the first Open-system General Hospital in Taiwan.In the beginning, because of the up-to-date medical equipment, superb health-care services provided by its friendly staff, and the highly qualified physicians, full occupancy of its fifty-two beds was a regular occurrence. To meet the ever-increasing demand from patients in Taiwan as well as patients from South-East Asia, in 1972 the hospital's bed-capacity was increased to eighty, and again in 1979 to one hundred twenty after the acquisition of adjacent land and the building of a new wing to the existing hospital.The goal of increasing and maintaining the standard of quality medical services provided to our patients has always been our priority through the cooperation and hard work of everyone at the Country Hospital. In 1999, after years of cultivating its excellent physicians, many of whom had years of experience as professors, Country Hospital was officially recognized by the Ministry of Education as a teaching hospital with all of the privileges and obligations that go with it.

Since the beginning, we have always had the desire to provide superior medical services to our community and aid and assist our patients through education in healthier living as well as preventive steps that are necessary in our fight against preventable illnesses. Some of the things that we particularly focus on in the services that we provide are as follows: 

1. Providing medical services to the general public and providing companies and schools with annual physical examinations. As part of our physical examinations, we provide cancer screening for certain types of cancer. Regular physical check-ups have been especially invaluable to the well-being of our senior citizens. 

2. Our "Mothers Club", a class which is offered to mothers-to-be on a monthly basis. This is a class for mothers to learn the necessary information about pregnancy and for caring for their babies; including the importance of breast feeding and postpartum counseling. 

3. A special team of doctors and nurses that devote their valuable time in promoting a smoke-free lifestyle and the benefits of a smoke-free environment for families. 

4. Classes to teach people how to recognize the signs of diabetes, methods of self-testing, and how to live with diabetes with the help of a healthy diet. These classes are overseen by our health department. 

5. Providing society and our patients with a diet that is healthy and easy to follow in our busy lives. This is a balanced diet with the proper intake of calories that is suitable for each individual. 

6. The promotion of mental health in our community as well as for our own team members through a team of psychiatrists which seminars on how to stay mentally healthy and maintain a healthy attitude towards life and work. 

7. The establishment of our special needs pediatric department in order to help our little friends in need of extra care and rehabilitation in a friendly and comfortable environment. 

8. Our rehabilitation department which encompasses physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Special emphasis is placed on the therapeutic and supportive services for the children, both mentally and physically. 

9. Treadmill testing, which was established in August of 2006, in addition to our already comprehensive cardiac disease diagnosis methods.

10. Contribution from the team of Country Hospital in a quarterly magazine that is provided for all to enjoy that includes tidbits of "what's new", general medical updates, and general hospital information. 

Country Hospital is a complete hospital that is capable of handling all patients that come to us. In addition to the above mentioned, our facility has a CT Scan, assorted ultrasound machines, and various X-ray equipment used for mammograms and bone density studies. We provide in depth urological testing using tumor marker tests which give our patients valuables information concerning tumor detection. DNA tests allow us to assess possible hereditary diseases as well as possible legal issues, and we have a comprehensive lab. We have 24-hour emergency room to triage service, an ICU to accommodate critical-care patients and our operating rooms are fully equipped to deal with various operations.

Our hospital continues to improve its facilities with up-to-date equipment to provide speedier results for our patients and we are ever-changing to meet with the demands and needs of our time. We provide all of the amenities to meet the needs of the community and our staff and conferences are frequently provided for education and training of our staff and society.

We have, and will always, maintain our goal of "Promotion and Education of Medicine for our people". We enjoy providing our superior medical services to society so that together we will have a beautiful, healthy tomorrow.