Convenient service measures

1、Schedule reservation and arrangement ■YES □NO Explanation
2、Airport pick-up service ■YES □NO Explanation
3、Patient& family accommodation ■YES □NO Explanation
4、Hospital admission ■YES □NO Explanation
5、Arrangement for before,after admission ■YES □NO Explanation
6、Medical referral/return back home assistance ■YES □NO Explanation
7、Doctor introduction ■YES □NO Explanation
8、Environment introduction ■YES □NO Explanation
9、Financial consultancy service, foreign currency exchange service ■YES □NO Explanation
10、Mail/ Fax/ Copy/ Phone/ Type service ■YES □NO Explanation
11、Visa service ■YES □NO Explanation
12、Traveling service ■YES □NO Explanation
13、Translation service ■YES □NO Explanation
14、Taiwan culture introduction ■YES □NO Explanation
15、Assisting the purchase of daily use ■YES □NO Explanation